Birds, bugs, and boats in Tortuguero

I’ma lay down a PSA because whenever I think of Tortuguero I get super pissed off.

Picture this: You’re visiting a nationally preserved turtle habitat outside of turtle season. Your tour guide happens to ‘know a place’ where you can see baby turtles and maybe even help those poor little bastards make it to the sea. What luck!

Guaranteed, you are participating and shady and illegal activity whereby the tour guide and his bros have stolen turtle eggs during hatching season and saved them for unsuspecting gringos like yourself.

This didn’t happen with my tour guide, but his colleague leading a tour one day behind ours was running this scam on his group. I wish I could go back and kick the guy in his huevos rancheros.

But I digress. There were some pretty cool things to see around Tortuguero. Except for the spiders. Fuck those guys.